Indias tenth five year plans achievements

Ultimately we have to plan for an environment that will provide ample opportunities for all to actualize their potential individually and also collectively for the nation as a whole. The mortality rate of children must be reduced to 45 per livings births and 28 per livings births by and respectively All main rivers should be cleaned up between and Reducing the poverty ratio by at least five percentage points, by Making provision for useful and lucrative employments to the population, which are of the best qualities According to the Plan, it is mandatory that all infants complete at least five years in schools by The plan sough to emphasize polices, which would accelerate the growth in food-grain production, increase in employment and raise productivity.

Again the total annual employment growth in the economy is estimated to have increased to about 7. During the planning period, many steps have been taken to increase the employment opportunities in the country.

Tenth Five-Year Plan (2002-07) of India

During the Eighth Planthe average growth rate attained by the agricultural sector is estimated at. The co-operative with their country wide network of primary agricultural credit societies constitute the most significant agency in terms of volume of loan advanced and territorial coverage.

During the first three years of the Fourth Plan, the balance of payment was fairly stable but in the later period, all was not well in the economy. This development has laid the foundation of green revolution and other institutional changes in agriculture sector. The primary aim of the 10th Five Year Plan is to renovate the nation extensively, making it competent enough with some of the fastest growing economies across the globe.

Expansion of productive employment; 3. During the Eighth Planthe average growth rate attained by the mining and quarrying sector was estimated at 3. In the case of cotton, the output exceeded the target during the first three years. Based on the approach, the following objectives were accorded priority in Eighth Plan period: Extended programme of social welfare; 5.

Working groups prepared by the regional programs, the balance of the Planning Commission prepares a brief memo that is placed in front of the cabinet and National Development Council.

The balance of payment position was quite satisfactory. Again, in respect of Electricity, Gas and water supply, as against the targeted growth rate of 9. As per one estimate of the Planning Commission, it is found that about 6.

During the entire planning period, growth rate of agricultural production remained 2. The Plan also intended to bring down the Maternal Mortality Ratio to 1 per live birth by the year This plan was terminated in Horticultural and Plantation Crops: Again, in respect of other services, as against the targeted growth rate of 6.

A participatory planning process is an essential pre-condition for ensuring equity as well as accelerating the rate of growth of the economy. Init declined to 4. Eleventh Five Year Plan: Efforts would be made to maximise the production.

The situation of trade and industries was far from satisfaction. During the first three years of the Fourth Plan, the balance of payment was fairly stable but in the later period, all was not well in the economy. The achievements of eighth five Year plan can be discussed as below: Growth Rate: The Eighth Plan had set a target of per cent but it revealed from Economic Survey of that the growth rate, which was only per cent in gradually increased to per cent in and then increased to per cent provisional in In a developing country like India proper planning, for the country’s overall progress and prosperity, assumes a great importance - India's Tenth Five Year Plan's Achievements Essay introduction.

Planning in India derives its objectives and spirit from the Directive Principles of. India has launched 12 five year plans so far. First five year plan was launched in Now the present NDA government has stopped the formation of five year plans.

The following points highlight the twelve major achievements of economic planning in India. This backlog on employment front is likely to further increase during the Tenth Plan Period.

labour welfare and welfare of backward classes etc.

India's Tenth Five Year Plan's Achievements Essay

and a considerable amount has been allotted in our five year plans for the provision of these. Tenth Five Year Plan of India – - The Tenth Five Year Plan India() aims to transform the country into the fastest growing economy of.

List of five year plans of India. Tenth Five Year Plan: I. Its duration was from to Read more:five year plans in india goals and achievements, five year plans in .

Indias tenth five year plans achievements
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