Filling station business plan in nigeria nigerian

Indeed, even the real oil marketers like Mobil, Total, OandoTexaco, and so on are continually searching for individual would be marketers who have the required skills and experiences that they can support in this business.

Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business Plan PDF Nigeria

Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. A Bungalow — How enormous or little is totally your decision relying upon the space accessible and what else you need to include.

This will be able to afford enough space for vehicles to queue and make exit turns. With everything stated above in place, you are per cent ready for real business and good to go. I prescribe that you go for high volume tank, similar to the 45, and the 60, liters with the idea that you expect to store additional fuel.

Petrol Filling Station Business Plan in Nigeria

The next thing is to sink the underground storage tank. In my own opinion, it seems the advantages of being a franchisee of a major marketer is more than the disadvantages. The factories, businesses, schools, hospitals, in fact, everything in Nigeria depends of power generated privately from petroleum products-consuming sets.

It can be located in the rural area as these areas are always neglected by the major marketers who prefer the urban areas.

These implies that in Nigeria where 40million liters is said to be devoured day by day on Petrol alone, a sum of Security in this country as you and I know is a total mess. In this way, consolidating an organization name is an unquestionable requirement.

After all these have been done, next is to get your License and Approval, Click Here for the detailed procedures. You will also miss out from gaining higher profit margin per litre of petroleum products you lift because the prices of products from The Major Marketers are higher.

Foods, documents and chemicals are sometimes stored in nitrogen to keep them from oxidizing or reacting with air or water. Acquire The Necessary Licenses And Permit Acquiring licenses, endorsement and permit to run a filling station business is essential.

We have seen managers run businesses down.

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Besides, standby generator is one of the requirement for approval. When the product is completely sold which usually takes less than six days to sell depending on where your Petrol Filling Station is and the demand at that timethe cash returns expected from one tanker of each of the petrol product sells will be: Cashier — this person will be in charge of handling the cash and keeping records of the cash transactions.

Petrol Filling Station Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study

If there is any time you must invest in Petrol Marketing Business, it has to be now. Petrol Filling Station Business In Nigeria: Detailed Plan Petrol filling station business in Nigeria has remained one of the businesses that is conserved for the very few in our society, that is because of the enormous amount of money needed to start up such a venture.

Products/services for petrol filling station business plan / feasibility study The main products of the planned project are petrol (PMS), diesel, engine oil, gas (AGO), kerosene and hydraulic. Services such as wheel balancing and alignment, and vulcanizing will be provided. How to set up fuel filling station the high security risk in the petrol station business due to the expected flow of cash.

feelings on the. A Petrol Filling Station owner who run his business under his own name, buy products directly from NNPC and has a representative and assistant representative at the Petroleum Products Marketing Company (PPMC) depot by NNPC.

Advantages. 1. You run your business under your own chosen name and build your own brand and marketing logistics.

2. Petrol Filling Station Business Plan in Nigeria February 6, by BusinessPlan 1 Comment This sample petrol filling station business plan in Nigeria has been written to be used to access bank loans, grant applications, business proposals, competitions, etc.

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Business Description of Petrol Station Business Plan in Nigeria. Business: PETROL STATION Industry: OIL AND GAS (Petrol Station Business plan in Nigeria) PATILAD PETROL STATION is a fully registered and gas station that .

Filling station business plan in nigeria nigerian
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Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business Plan PDF Nigeria